Houston is the 4th and most diverse city in the nation and with this comes its challenges.  Quality of life encompasses the whole well-being of a person from the basic needs to mental stability. Being poor is not a choice and District H can do a better job to helping improve the quality of life for residents.

  • Accessible workforce development opportunities to bridge the gap between the low income families making under $25k per year which represent 37% of the District. What contributes to this income gap is the 42% of student that are dropping out of high school.  This gap can be bridged by supporting local organizational efforts to increase workforce accessibility and outreach. 


  • Accessible and increased affordable housing. This plays an important part in creating stable environments for our children and families.  The availability of affordable housing also leads to increase family income.  Affordable housing allows families to be more financially stable and provide a healthier environment by providing a stable home life.  Studies have shown that a stable home allows a student to focus and perform better in schools.  


  • All children should have access to parks for recreational activity.  Increased physical activity improves mental well-being and health. The risks that have been identified: obesity rates, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. All of these health risk can be reduced with minimal increased exercise.  Working with partners and local city departments to implement and improve local parks in District H will not only help address health concerns but has the potential of increasing social engagement in the community.  



Education is powerful.  It not only changes the person but it has the power to change families.    Statistics show the number of students not graduating from high school is at 42% in District H compared to the City of Houston at half this number.  Children in District H are at risk and are under performing.

  • Provide resources to teachers and students that assist in creating alternative curriculum

  • Decrease achievement gap and increase literacy rates in all ages groups

  • Work with partners to provide valuable alternative programs that heighten curiosity and student development



Houston’s air quality is an issue and especially for those pockets in District H that are surrounded by freeways and industrial companies producing and releasing hazardous toxins. For many Houstonians, Environmental Health is a major concern that has recently been brought to the forefront with the recent fires and awareness around the impact of I45 expansion project.  

  • Working with local entities to reduce the risks from industrial toxins being released. 

  • Working with local and state officials to create legislation that will monitor and regulate the impact industrial companies have on air quality and environmental health. 

  • Additionally crime is another part 

Included in safety is the continuing effort to reduce crime.  There are many hotspots in District H that have created extreme safety concerns.  

  • Reduce Crime in hot spot areas by working with HPD and residents

  • Increase awareness and participation on the importance of the PIP meetings

  • Increase calls to HPD non-emergency line to bring awareness around areas of concerns

  • Work with local business to promote “No Trespassing” affidavits in problem areas.

  • Educate residents on the importance of utilizing the “See Something Say Something” initiative

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