As a native Houstonian and proud resident of the Near Northside, I understand the needs of the district and want to work with residents to ensure a better and promising future for District H. My history of serving local communities started with my parents.  As a child, my parents taught me about the value of caring and respecting others and the importance of supporting one another.  The relationships I have built stem from this value.  I accept people for who they are and develop deep friendships not just relationships. I have been heavily involved in projects that have changed the face of many communities.  The vision that residents want for our area is one that I deeply share and have worked to support. When I am elected, our future for District H will provide:

  • Development and support for our children and schools

  • Safe and healthy environments that every family should be entitled to regardless of zip code and economic status

  • Better quality of life that includes affordable housing

My commitment and dedication to the community will continue, working side by side with residents to create the change they want to see. We, the people, have the power to positively change our community if we work together.


  • Super Neighborhood #51 - Community leadership Team (CLT) 

    • 2015-2016

    • 2018-2019


  • Parent Teacher Organization

    • Vice President 2016-2017 

    • President 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 


  • Member of Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDMC)

    • Crockett Elementary

    • Marshall Middle School

    • Northside High School


  • Walkable Place Committee Member

  • Neighborhood Support Team

    • 2017 to present

  • Northside Dawgs, Board Member

  • Member of various community groups

    • Near Northside Block Captains

    • Northside Dawgs

    • Near Northside Safety Committee

    • Tech Hub

    • Department of Transformation

    • North Central Civic Club

    • Various community leadership Institute


  • Contributed to the passing of the SB195 – Safe Passages Bill  AKA Josue Flores Bill

    • Allowing the funding to aid in providing transportation to students that live in high risk areas throughout the state of Texas.


  • Chapter 40 Ordinance – Streets and Sidewalk Code of Ordinance

Civility Ordinance prohibiting any person from creating encampments, congregating or gather in city sidewalks preventing and blocking pedestrian passage. The passing of the Chapter 40 ordinance protects residents living in the following boundary: 

Main St. to Hardy/Elysian, Hogan to Hays, Fulton St from Hogan to Hays.

Cynthia also worked to bring local communities and HISD together to pass a civility ordinance protecting thousands of students and residents living within the boundary.


  • Chapter 42 - Minimum Lot Size Ordinance

Helping protect the character of the community, generational residents, displacement and slow the increase of property taxes. Preserving homes for equity purposes.

  • COH Safety Committee Member 

Made major contributions to the Alternative Housing and Lodging Facilities ordinance with the City of Houston. 

  • Engaged local universities to invest in the community, bring resources and bridge community relationships.


  • Connected Discover Fitness Foundation to local Elementary school to offer students 2nd and 3rd grade students a full scholarship to participate gymnastics classes that they would not have otherwise had an opportunity to experience.  This experience included an increase awareness of the importance of physical fitness, address the issue of obesity, reduce the risk of health risks and engage students in new experiences.

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